Eye-catching Products

Basic GhostButton

Our basic choice is the Basic GhostButton, which has a fix marking instead of an illuminated detection spotlight.

Advanced GhostButton

Our most preferred standard choice is the Advanced GhostButton, which includes illuminated detection spotlight, which optional can have the colour of your wish.

Professional GhostButton

Our most preferred premium choice is the Professional GhostButton, which includes illuminated detection spotlight with the picture of your wish.

Unique Advantages

Every old-fashioned button on an attractive position is a potential prey for GhostButton.

Thanks to the illuminated detection spotlight, the patented GhostButton can ideally combine attention, functionality and user-friendliness and thus create added value for all of your customers as well as for you and your company.

Main Advantages

Detailed Advantages

Eye-catching Attention
Spoty: Make your exciting step into the highlighting spotlight
Innovative: A future button with wide benefits and newest, patented technology
Interactive: Various interactions with users and information exchange with other systems
Stylish: An attention catching combination of design, interaction and function
Customized: Have your own design and brand your GhostButton

Unique Function
Distinguishing: Explicit and intentional activation in the spot area or otherwise non-activation
Digital: Infinite digital spot options for your GhostButton
Personalized: Personal detection allows user specific functions and access management
Connected: Activate, interact and manage your GhostButton by an APP
Multi-Variable: Manage multiple target objects with one GhostButton by alternating selection

Fast & Easy Usage
Easy & Fair: Simple usage for all and optimized for seniors and disabled people
Simple: Simply pass the spot of your GhostButton without specific gesture on your way
Non-stop: Use your GhostButton in your normal movement without stopping
Express: No waiting time at target object, due to pre-activation of target object
Comfortable: Use GhostButton, no matter what you are carrying

Excellent Performance
Touch-free: Hygienic and contamination free object activation
Green: Only distinguished target activation, only turned on for use and LED technology
Flexible: Remote changing of your settings, monitoring and adaptation by network upload
Safe: No harming risk by safe isolation and touch-free activation
Excellent: High-quality concept with robust technology and environmental adaptation

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